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MK Photography offers a variety of photographic options. We can accommodate any event or photo shoot, both in our studio or on preferred premises.

In today’s newsletter we highlight a few trick photography components.

The first is Rear or 2nd Curtain Flash, which allows the photographer to capture movement. Two separate flashes are used to achieve this. At the start of the movement’s exposure, the first flash goes off and the shutter’s first curtain closes. At the end, prior to the second curtain’s close, the second flash goes off. The photographer’s subject will be frozen in the image, but the background will blur into movement.

Infrared photography is a style of photography that uses special infrared film or modified digital sensors. This style of photography captures images that look ethereal and surreal. The effects of infrared photography produce unexpected and strange colours. Foliage and trees are best for this style of photography. Sadly, distribution is slowly coming to a halt, because it is costly to produce and has a tiny audience. The good news is that you can use a regular digital camera and remove the infrared light blocking filter on the sensor to get the same results.

HDR photography is a style of photography in which several images are combined into one perfect photo. How this works is, the photographer will capture, let’s say, three images of the same scene with various exposure settings. When the photographer has the images, it will be loaded into HDR-processing software, which will combine the images into one picture. The photographer controls how much or how little HDR effects are used. The objective of this style of photography is to manipulate dark and shadowy areas in the image. Over use of this style can, however, make an image look gimmicky or cheap.

Long exposure photography can capture some of the most beautiful images if done correctly. This style of photography requires an increased amount of time in which the camera sensor is exposed to light. Long exposure photography brings an artistic element to the image and is mostly utilised at night. Fireworks, vehicles driving on a highway and moving carnival rides will result in dazzling light trails in the images. Other great subjects for long distance photography are fog, streaming water and lights at night.

To paint a visual, you can capture an image in which a layer of fog spreads over a stream of water. The best practice for this type of photography is to use a tripod and remote to click the shutter. Holding and manually clicking the camera will result in unwanted shaking.

These are just a few examples of tricks and industry traits that can be used to enhance photography. Of course, there is an endless supply of things that can be done to manipulate a scene or enhance the end result.

If you would like some of the above effects incorporated in your photographic requirements, consult us for assistance.

To wrap up today’s newsletter, we take a look at some of what our department got up to this month. We did do a beautiful, pre-wedding shoot at the start of the month. With the year coming closer and closer to its end, please book your yearend function photography as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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