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Moving forward to the body of today’s social post, we take a look at some of the most recent photography advancements.

Photography is considered a creative pursuit, even professional photography is considered to be an art form. From its origin, there has been a keen interest in the art of photography.

One of the advancements that stood out for me was the Wi-Fi ready cameras now available. For a time, the ability to load photographs onto a computer from the camera memory card was considered a major leap in photography advancements. Now, however, you can upload photos to social media sharing sites as well as image hosting sites directly; like you would from your phone.

This is quite remarkable since the origin of photography and even the modern developments that have come about over the years. We tend to think that once something has been upgrade it cannot possibly get any better or more modern than this, just to find that our perception of modern is, in actual fact, out-dated.

Consider, too, the recent photos taken of Saturn in space with NASA’s Cassini Orbiter. Some of the images were taken from 1.7 million miles (2.8 million kilometres) away and the rings around Saturn appear clear and beautifully captured.

Coming back to the Wi-Fi ready camera, many professionals must be thinking “what about photo editing?” Any professional relies on editing software for photographic enhancements. It is part of the art. What’s interesting about the ability to now directly load photos to social media platforms is that you also get in-camera editing software for most digital cameras, which means you can just as easily edit your photographic artwork as you can load it to social media…from your camera.

Most Impressive.

Getting into a bit of history on the subject, the camera can be traced further back than the introduction of photography, however, the first moderately successful photo of a camera image was made around 1816 by Nicéphore Niépce. He used a small camera of his own make and design and a piece of paper which he coated with silver chloride. The chloride darkened where it got exposed to light, and Nicéphore didn’t know how to remove the remaining chloride and so, eventually, the whole image darkened as it was exposed to light over time on account of viewing the image.

A whole book can be written here about the history of photography and its development over the years. In fact, many books exist outlining just that. But for today we leave you with the above and the awe factor of how much photography has advanced. Not even mentioning the fact that images can be taken from flying devices…drones. In a sense our technological advancements can be perceived as magic. Imagine telling Nicéphore Niépce that probes are sent to space to take photos of planets we cannot see with our bare eyes. We have become accustomed to the advancements and lost the romance around this remarkable magic.

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