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What is Event Photography and Tips:

Event photography is the art of capturing special or iconic moments at both big and small events. This could be weddings, birthdays, sporting events, awards ceremonies and so forth.

Different events call for different photography skills. For instance, capturing a good shot at a sporting event would need a photographer skilled in capturing motion, and is very much for the moment, while a wedding photographer commonly plans a theme and shots.

Event photography does often happen in stages. Especially intimate and special ocasions. A lot of planning and preparation goes into it.

However, the most universal tips suggest the following:

Ensure you have the right gear:
Lenses, camera bodies and flashes are very effective and a #1tip for great event photography.

Camera Settings:
Ensure your settings are correctly adjusted for the type of event you are photographing.

Be polite and professional. It is important not to irritate guests and have their full enthusiasm and cooperation.

The moments:
Look for the right moments. That perfect unnoticed moment sometimes make the best picture.

...and a bit of creativity.

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info@mk-photography.co.za | 064 879 2671 | www.mk-photography.co.za


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