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Our MK Photography department offers a vast selection of photography options. In today’s post we take a look at studio shoots.

Studio shoots are definitely something to get excited about. You can get very creative with various things. For context, studio shoots are the type of shoots in which people go to a studio to have professional photos taken for several reasons.

Common themes include pre and post pregnancy shoots. This is an exciting theme as you get the opportunity to document the baby bump towards the end of your term, the excitement as the family awaits the new addition and those beautiful daddy photos in which he kisses the belly or supposedly listens to what the baby is saying from inside the stomach. Then there is the post pregnancy shoot. This is exciting because the theme can coincide with the pre-baby photos. Bare baby photos are common and, of course, mommy and baby, daddy and baby and siblings and baby. You can also have new-born photos done in which baby lies in a basket, on a fur mat and many other options.

Milestone birthdays are another favourite. First birthdays in which babies are dressed up as several celebrities, heroes in history or even fictional characters are also common. In some cases baby is merely given a huge cake to devour in front of the camera.

30th birthdays often get a baby theme, or the birthday boy or girl is also given a cake to devour in front of the camera as well as Champaign, balloons and the ever-trending blackboard.

Another unique concept is nude couple photos. This is a very creative and beautiful theme but not all photographers offer this service. For peace of mind, most often the photos are only meant to make it appear as if the couple is bare, the subjects of the photos are seldom actually completely bare.

Modelling photos are common and so much can be done with studio shoots. For example if a model wants to put together a portfolio of photos, a professional studio shoot is ideal. Of course, modelling photos could be objective driven; meaning that perhaps the shoot is to model for a brand or other modelling intents. Studio shoots are especially common in the field of modelling. This is because social media and other online resources have made it easier for models to market themselves online and every model wants a professional portfolio to back them up.

This is also true for artists. They often want media and photographic content to present them in the at most professional capacity.

Finally, studio shoots are also very useful to market new products. In saying that, professional studio photos are a great way to market your products entirely. The objective, after all, is to make your products look as professional and as appealing to the consumer as they possibly can. Studio shoots are perfect for this objective.

We offer all of the above studio options and more. With that in perspective it should be noted that all our studio shoots can be moved to location as we have a mobile studio setup for this purpose. So, if your photo shoot idea would be better suited at an alternative location or even at your home premises, we can happily oblige in moving our studio to where you want it.

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